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But please don’t cry, dry your eyes,
never let up
Forgive but don’t forget,
girl keep your head up
And when he tells you
you ain’t nothin’
don’t believe him
And if he can’t learn to love you,
you should leave him
Cause sista, you don’t need him

"My dick is made of carrots, bunnies wantin’ to be fed and I meant honeys oh forget it."

- Childish Gambino, Freaks and Geeks (2011)

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"Are we dating? Are we fucking?
Are we best friends? Are we something, in-between that?”
Heartbeat // Childish Gambino // Camp

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 “Pooh and his friends were given as gifts by author A. A. Milne to his son Christopher Robin Milne between 1920 and 1922. Pooh was purchased in London at Harrods for Christopher’s first birthday. Christopher later gave them to publisher E. P. Dutton, who in turn donated them to the New York Public Library.”

Oh my god. Oh my god.

This is them, guys. This is them. Got chills.

this makes me want to cry

"You were my whole galaxy, while I was merely a star in yours."

- (59/365) by (DS)

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favorite drawings of 2014 so far


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